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Coconut island - scented candle 90g

Coconut island - scented candle 90g

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Travel tin 90g scented candle in coconut island.
Scents and design inspired by the coast of Zeeland.

Top notes: Pineapple - Orange - Coconut

A tropical cocktail of blue skies and golden shores, this fragrance will whisk you away on a dream holiday. Opening with the sweet aroma of fresh pineapple and juicy orange that leads into a creamy coconut core encased by soft almond and peach tones. The cool coconut breeze continues as the fragrance comes to rest on an indulgent bed of caramel swirled with sweet vanilla.

Other scents available: sea salt & driftwood, seaweed & juniper, seaside holiday, cocktails at the beach, coconut island. 

wick: wooden wick
burntime: 16 to 20 hours
material: made of 100% soy wax

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