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Wax melt burner - Loob

Wax melt burner - Loob

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The LOOB incense burner is available in 3 colors: White, Grey and Black. The opening at the top is large enough to accommodate scented wax (melting wax), essential oil, perfume, or any other scented solution.

Its design makes it easy to place a tealight candle inside to obtain a diffusion by soft heat without distorting the scents because the height and the openings on the sides ensure a good distribution of the heat.

This diffusion process is one of the oldest but is still very popular with consumers who like its warm and decorative side that we highlight with natural materials.

Our burners must be used with tealight candles with a diameter of 4 cm and a burning time of 4 hours maximum.

The + Product:
- Lacquered ceramic.
- Original design.
- Discreet and space-saving.
- Good spread.

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